Sleep didn’t feel beautiful

Today I slept from 8am to 7 pm..well I woke up in between to feed my other animals and then went back to bed, but I got 8-9 hours of sleep and I still feel like I haven’t slept at all. 
I got up and I’m guessing I had a stress headache because my head and neck hurt so i jumped in the shower and just let the hot water hit on my forehead and then my neck for a little bit before getting out and finally getting dressed so that I would be ready to leave for work after my husband got home from his job. He gave me some news I didn’t really want to hear.  Since the Union is throwing a fit that the factory isn’t offering a starting bonus for new hires they plan on going after the company again and causing a lock out for the factory.  Basically, you aren’t allowed to go back to work even if you aren’t part of the union for a certain amount of days.  
Well, you can but if you go back to work right after the lock out happens you forfeit all the vacation time you built up and go back to the pay you got when you started. 
Well, Nathan doesn’t really have anything to worry about because he has only 40 hours of vacation and he just started like two months ago, so it wouldn’t affect him at all. 
But still, it’s just dumb. lol 
I work tomorrow night, but I might make myself wake up early so me and Nathan can spend some time together since we haven’t really seen each other lately other than seeing each other as the other is coming and going to or from work.  We plan on actually having a date night this weekend, but who knows if that will even happen.  I really just want him to buy me some flowers that I keep pointing out to him at the stores that are a pretty blue and but pffffft. lol
I supposed, only an hour left of work so I better get my ass up and finish everything.

2 thoughts on “Sleep didn’t feel beautiful”

  1. I hope you get the flowers you want. (smile) Date night is a great idea!

  2. Thank you, I doubt it will happen but doesn’t hurt to be hopeful.

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