Thoughts of a “not good enough” hairstylist.

It’s been awhile since I have written down anything I have felt… 

today I thought was a good day. Untill I had come across a post a client I have done maybe 3 times this year. How she became my client was maybe not really meant for me. She originally wanted a more seasoned stylist but needed to have her roots done asap. Sadly, the job fell into my lap. If anyone knows how scary bleach retouches are (bleach & tone) they would know its actually kind of (and I mean completely) a skilled hard thing to do. One must have patience but also have the ability to work quickly and efficiently to achieve a seamless look. Anyways.. im beginning to ramble. 

In a nut shell I’d come across her picture she had posted of her hair done by someone else. Immediately I had this feeling of not being “good enough”. As hard as I worked on her hair and as good as i wanted it to come out, each time I had done it, was never really up to par. I for one know I am a good stylist. Im not superstar awesome bad ass. But I know I always give my all when it comes to servicing people in my chair. 

I hate the feeling Im having right now… I cant even explain how it seems like such a small thing to anyone else but just the fact that I was not able to deliver on something I should be able to do, that she basically had to seek out somewhere else.. depresses me.


but failure is apart of sucess… everytime you fall down or you fail, you just have to get up right?

the hardest part is accepting your human. Mistakes are normal… and life is full of falling down. 

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