Walking with darkness

Walking with the dark


They only see the smile upon your lips, not the anguish in your eyes,

Everyday you force a smile and act with a kindness that you despise.

For once you just wish that they could see right through you,

and know what despair you are going through.

Her darkness looms around as evening unfolds to let you know she is near,

she is never to far from you at anytime and it always make you fear.

She enjoys causing you constant terror and putting fear in others,

draping her heavy wings upon you essentially causing you to smother.

She is not weak or even nice nor is she understanding,

always putting herself first and is always very commanding.

She demands that you come at her beck and call to take her by the hand,

and she leads you off into the place she calls the sorrow of her promise land.

Her hand is cold and rigid and the night air that surrounds you is so very thick,

with heavy fog that swirls and twists that feels like it’s inside you, this feeling almost making you sick.

This land is bare and has been ripped of life and  is now void of glows,

where the waters are still with out reflection and the rivers cease flow.

All the life that’s inside this land has been very beaten down,

where even the ghost are to afraid to cry because they know this is her personal torturing ground.

I bow my head as commanded and let the tears trail down my face,

as I know that mother darkness will forever hold me in this place.

She stops and turns to look at me with eyes as dark as night,

that single look is all it takes to make you fearful of her sight.

Her wings open up and she lifts a hand and only has to point,

you know that now is the time to follow the path and try hard not to disappoint.

I’ll make my way deeper in the tangled thorns and brush, cutting my flesh and bruising my skin walking through this cold and shrouded darkness,

trying to avoid the pits and hollows that hold all the fresh new carcass.

Because tonight’s the night and my time is up leaving me no choice,

I must walk with her and stay with her within this very darkness.

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