We are the kind to enjoy quiet mornings. We can either walk outside or stay in. To you, we may look so ordinary, just like everybody else.
Then, what’s so different about us?
We are the kind to stray away from the heat of the afternoons. We stay in, minding our business. Once in a while, we see the world out there, through our own eyes, the windows, and the screen. Television news and social media pages. Magazines and newspapers.
So what makes us so different? What do you think?
We are the kind to enjoy the silence of the night. Seriously, we love it. This big city may sound a bit dead, which is a rarity.
There’s no argument, no drama. Nothing. Just us, either sitting or lying down, staring at the night sky or scrolling down the timeline – perhaps before we fall asleep.
Do we still talk? Of course. This doesn’t mean we’re too scared to speak our minds, be honest with the world.
We have our own opinions, especially regarding certain issues. We have our thoughts and feelings too.
What makes us different? Perhaps not much. We just choose not to say a lot.
There are assumptions, speculations, and even accusations about people like us. You may assume that we’re just plain selfish, only thinking about ourselves. Some speculate that we must be the swing voters at each election.
Others may accuse us of being cowards and indecisive. We’re too scared to talk. We don’t even know what we really want in life.
If you’re paranoid, perhaps you suspect that we might be double agents.
Perhaps it’s true. Some of us do only think about ourselves. They’re skeptical about almost a lot of things in the world, especially politics. They may be scared of being judged and attacked for what they believe in. Look at what’s been going on lately.
Are we all ‘double agents’? Whatever that means, maybe. The rest are varied, though, so let’s not generalise us. Don’t you hate it when people do that to you too, as if they already know every thing about people like you?
Let’s not use double standards too. If you say you’re entitled to your opinions, aren’t we also entitled to keep quiet?
Behind this silence, many of us actually still care. We just refuse to waste our energy arguing constantly, especially on social media. Not worth it.
We’d rather figure a way out, a solution to repair this already massive social damage – from family feuds to broken friendships after years of getting along.
And no, we don’t need to report anything to you. Why should we? We’re not obligated to prove anything to you. Besides, we function better this way.
We can work for the better, that if we really want to. No arguments, just discussions. There’s a difference there. We need to focus on the solutions to restore peace once again.
If you’re one of us, no need to talk. Just do your part quietly. We don’t need any audience to applaud us or bring us down. They are distractions.
Behind this silence, we stand watching. Thinking, contemplating, questioning everything.
Yes, we do exist. We are everywhere. We can either be on your side or not at all. You may fear us or accept us the way we except your different opinions and points of view.
Just don’t start acting like you know everything about us.
Yours Truly,
The Silent Party

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