Day 13 – 30 Days of Beauty

I got to nap with that cute little kitty today, Hamilton.  He is a little snuggler so when I crashed at Jenna’s this afternoon, he joined me.  

I really don’t like cats, I’m a farm girl and cats belong in the barn.  But Jenna’s cats make me question my dislike. They are entertaining to be around and make me feel happy. 

But enough about the cats….I went to a fly yoga class this afternoon.  Holy moly macaroni, the most amazing hour ever!  We did yoga in these gorgeous silk aerial hammocks.  We sat floating in the air, hung upside down, did an aerial tree pose and cocooned inside them.  What an experience. 

I have been very lucky to be part of the yoga ninja squad; the experience of new workouts, the thrill of being part of a special group and the beautiful people I am privileged to now know.

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