Day 442 – Kohai, Picolo & bucket list

Friday, May 12th 2017

Today was okay.

I went to see Kohai at the cafeteria, and she seemed stressed. I managed to cheer her up, by showing her pictures of my cat. It usually makes her laugh and I swear she’s obsessed with my cat and is gonna steal it, haha.

I started off with art. My partner and I continued painting, then after that I went to English. We worked on our projects; for me, specifically the ghost of Banquo in Macbeth to represent the unnatural symbolism, then I went to lunch.

I sat with Kohai and we talked about my cat and my dog, Japanese emoticons and some other things, such as my cat Picolo. I was looking through my old Twitter, searching for pictures I lost on my old phone to download, since I got the idea last night, and I found a tweet about my cat Picolo. It said “RIP Picolo” and I saw it was posted May 12th. I realised it was May 12th today. That’s pretty crazy. Not sure if he died May 12th exactly, but it’s basically been a year without him already, and I still feel like he’s around. Difficult when I’ve had him basically all my life then he passes away out of nowhere in just a few days. It doesn’t feel as if it actually happened, just that’s he’s hiding somewhere in the house, such as the basement. I miss him. Rest in peace.

In psychology we continued taking notes, which was basically on stereotypes and such, and because we got an extension to turn in our stereotype paper Monday, we can use the notes, haha. We’re only gonna use them to verify though; we’re gonna stay away from using them to write arguments, since it doesn’t feel fair for people who had to turn it in already, so only to verify our claims.

We finished with French and we talked more about Cyrano de Bergerac. Kohai and I talked for a while as well, and she seemed stressed still, because of a French test next Friday (but our teacher said there’d only an essay, come on). She then realised she wouldn’t be there, so she asked to do it the week after.

In the bus, I got a text from Kohai explaining what was wrong yesterday, since she texted me saying she wasn’t okay and needed to see me after school, but I didn’t check my phone before I hoped into the bus. She explained that she’s been stressed from work because of the week she missed and how there’s several projects and tests due. In short, I told her to never give up and I’m always there for her, which she thanked me for. I’ll make sure she gets through the year alright.

At home I played tons of Rocket League, then watched an episode of Supernatural. I can’t wait for tomorrow, oh my gosh. I’m finally gonna meet a celebirty, and two at that. Been on my bucket list to meet one in person, so I can check that off. I should write that bucket list actually… Huh. Well, why not now? Hmm, from the top of my head (since on phone, gonna be extra spacing) :

– Meet a celebirty

– Meet David Tennant (if I met him before Capaldi and Coleman, I’d hit two birds with one stone)

– Go on a Zero Gravity plane

– Save a life (directly or indirectly, but directly preferably)

– Meet an online friend in real life

And yeah, that’s all I can think of for now. I supposed I’d have more to add later on, but those are the first things that are usually on my mind.

That’s all for today.



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