Silicon Valley Drop Out Introduction – Tech Sales

Hello there my fellow human beings. Welcome to my journal, I hope you like what you read. It’s my life. My life as an individual trying to make it in the tech industry in Silicon Valley without a college degree.

These recordings will surround my day to day journey towards my goal of professional and personal success, without a degree, in the most competitive area according to industry(Tech) in the country.

My journal will be completely sincere and genuine, I will not hold back my true thoughts, although I will be using fake names for the people and companies I talk about. My first entry will explain my background and how I came to be where I am today, both professionally and personally.

I’ve told my story to few people but the ones I’ve let see my vulnerable side have all told me I should share my story with others as there are many who may have or currently be experiencing the events I have in my life…. 

My life has been very climactic. In the last 10 years I’ve lost the only people I have ever loved and who meant the world to me…. People who I thought without, I’d be nothing… People who I thought that if I lost I would take my own life as I would have nothing to aspire for. 

This story, my life, is one of deep loss, depression, and terror mixed with some occasional reminders if what makes our one life sweet. I’m always hanging by a thread. I hope my story inspired many but most of all I hope it shows others, like myself, that their are people out there just like them.

My first entry will be my about my past. My story leading up to present day… It involves both happiness and sadness. It will revolve around my experiences with death and love…. which I’ve found to be the two root outcomes of everything we do. It will talk about how I made it to be where I am today, working in Silicon Valley without a degree in the tech industry. 

If you decide to follow my written narrative, I hope it inspires and motivates you. We have one life… Take the chance to grip it by the horns and rip it’s fucking head off…. We decide who the fuck we are. Read my story and live with me… 

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