I hate titling journal entries…like, even though I know what I’m going to say I have no idea what to use for a title. Whatever.
Today I didn’t get much for sleep in the morning. I fell asleep after work about 8:30am and then I woke up at 11:30. Ugh. 
So, I got up and got dressed and went outside to help Nathan plant some trees and lilacs that we got the other day.  Didn’t take more than a half an hour, so after that we went to town to hang out for a little bit and go get him new pants for work.  
His old jobs involved him welding or some sort of hard labor as he would always come home with ruined pants all the time. I went through soooooo much money buying him pants all the time because they would rip or he started them on fire at work lol  So thanks gods he works at the sugar factory now loading train cars so the worst that happens to the clothing is that they get covered in sugar and the two kittens we kept can’t wait for him to come home so they can lick his pants before he can get them off. Makes me laugh.
Anyways, so we got him pants and then we just drove around town for a little bit- which is just something to do in my small town. There isn’t much to do in North Dakota unless you live in the bigger cities.  Apparently my town is considered a city since the population is like 4,000 and some odd people. I guess that makes it a city, but it’s more of a towny vibe… going to an actual city makes our town look tiny and it really is. Nothing to do. 
Then we caught up with an older friend of ours who is basically another dad to the both of us and he ended up buying us a tractor, which we are paying him back for, so it’s easier in the winter to move snow out at the farmstead. Especially if Nathan will be at work for 12 hours I’ll have to be the one who will be running it obviously… ugh.
Then after that we went to the drive in restaurant and got some burgers and of course I had to get me some fried pickles MMMMMM, but those ones aren’t exactly the best, but it curbed my craving for them. 
By the time all that was done with it was 3:30pm and I thought about going to look at one of the outdoor flower shops before going home just to see what they had, but I thought if I wanted to lay down before going to work I would need to get home like now. lol So maybe tomorrow since it’s my weekend off of work and I can get up during the day and stay up all day and just sleep alllllll night long. 
But I got a few more hours of sleep before waking up at 7:30pm with two kittens in the crook of my arm, a fat munchkin on my pillow and the two parents at my feet while the other two were off sleeping somewhere else.  
Hopefully tomorrow is good… Nate’s going to visit his mom tomorrow since he got a text from his aunt saying his mom is now sleeping 23 hours and 45 minutes a day. She ended up with a catheter today because she isn’t waking up anymore to go to the bathroom.  We basically were told it’s a matter of time now since it is likely she will just slip into a coma and go after that.  But they said that about one of my favorite clients too…he ended up living for another two months of constant sleep and no eating, but he died in pain as well. *sigh*

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