Day 14 – 30 Days of Beauty

I was a shitty mom today. It’s hard to write this and admit it out loud, but it’s true.  My girls were amazing; they gave me gifts and treats and flowers, we had the day kinda planned, but something inside me wasn’t happy, I didn’t even know I wasn’t happy.  

The day turned ugly; I alienated myself from everyone, felt like a piece of crap and wished the day away.

I realized part way through my pity I was missing my own mom today.  I said as much to Jim….I’m the only one in our family who doesn’t have a mom.  Once I said it and cried for it, I was able to see my way through it.  

My girls showed their whole hearts and their ability to forgive.  When I reached out and apologized, they forgave without hesitation.  They didn’t ask for payback or explanation, they just forgave, loved and agreed to have a Mother’s Day do-over.  

They say a mothers love is unconditional….today, my daughters love was unconditional. 

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