He threw me away when he no more needed me..

My first boyfriend. I thought we were perfect. I was way too immature to see the real him. I trusted him blindly, I thought all he did was out of love for me. But the way he looked at me, at my body, it seemed like he would rape me with his eyes. The way he touched me, I never liked it. I don’t know how, why I thought I was in love with him. Such an infatuation. Everybody used to tell me that I didn’t deserve a guy like him.. And I never listened to anyone. 🙁 That day, he said he wanted to be closer to me. He touched me there, and there. And on reaching home that day, I was bleeding. Non-stop. He said he loved me, not to worry. I was in pain, I cried so much and I couldn’t  explain to anyone what I was going through. I used sanitary pads. But I didn’t stop bleeding. I used 2, 3, 4…. I was scared to death, suffering silently… And some days later, he left me. He left me while I was suffering so much, and that too just because of him. 🙁 I was broken.. but I felt free for the first time…  

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  1. God bless you, sweetheart. And comfort and heal you.

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