The Real Reason

Well….to you dear people who have commented on my journal about my elderly friend.  I want to reassure you that W is capable of being on his own.  He can drive and cook.  He is just lonely, and I wanted to be a friend, but he wanted more, and got pushier and pushier.  I’m giving him the credit of the doubt to say he has dementia.  I think he is just obsessed with sex.  He actually wanted me to come to his house alone for that purpose.  I have never had to hit him to make him leave me alone, but it was about to reach that point.  So his “breaking up the friendship” with me is a great blessing.  Still hurts a little, but mostly I am grateful to God indeed.  I hate being “hit on” because I have the most loyal, loving husband in the whole world, a very gentle, good man who goes to church with me (we bring our grandsons along).  He is the best of all husbands.  So W was truly NOT a friend.  He thought there was nothing wrong with cheating.  You can’t reason with a person like that!  That’s just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  I hope this helps the whole thing make sense, and you don’t need to worry about W being alone.  He has a couple of male friends.  He can’t have female friends, he hits on all of them and scares them off.  Sad situation.

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