YouTuber Love

We, the generation of YouTube all know this problem…. Well at first I didn’t…

I’ve never been that kind of girl, who falls in love with any guy on the internet or movies. I remember the time when High School Musical came out. I was 10 and Zac Efron was the one everyone was talking about…. Yeah, he was nice and cute, but I never thought more about him. Same with twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson… And so the love story went on… JB, 1D, BTR or YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Dan and Phil, Concrafter, Julienco,iBlali… who cares?! I cared less, girls in my class… don’t want to talk about that hormone-driven time. 

So after all that years of heartache and snot, I became 18 years old. Girls became normal and I… I’m the same… except.. the one YouTuber who got me… got me like CRAZY. 

But I really don’t understand why? He’s kinda small, has grey hair, wears that cool hipster like outfit, with red Nike and rolled up pants. Every girl freaking out…. I don’t. He has tattoos and is super sporty… ok that’s not negative, but just sayin’

But he surely isn’t the type I fall in love with… ok, I’m not in love with him… but you know, just a crush. 

So I’m sitting in front of my laptop and just smiling into my screen… How stupid is this?!

It really has to stop… Doesn’t it?

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