Am i beautiful? :(

Why is it so difficult for me to look at my own reflection in the mirror? I feel so ugly. So thin. I hate my knows. Why can’t I see well, why do I have to wear specs? Why me? I feel disgusted on my own self. How can someone be so horrible. Never have I ever accepted it when people tell me I am beautiful. I have only criticized myself till now. And at times I hate myself for who and how I am.

2 thoughts on “Am i beautiful? :(”

  1. I bet you are beautiful, in truth. Have you considered getting contact lenses. Do you use a little makeup? it helps. Look inside your heart and see the Beautiful One in there. Then just be loving to yourself; be kind to YOU. Hugs.

  2. I too have faced this. You have to break yourself out of it! Find your self worth, you ARE beautiful! Put effort into you, get your nails done or paint them, curl your hair one day or straighten it, wear brighter clothing and smile more throughout the day! Put time into you doing things you love, embrace who you are and learn to love yourself. Its simply a mindset and if you walk around saying to yourself that you are ugly than you will portray an uglier vibe. If you walk around with your head held high KNOWING your worth and beauty than that is what you will portray and people will be easily attracted to that. Every day I challenge you to get ready for the day and spend 1 minute looking in the mirror telling yourself you are beautiful and deserving! SMILE (:

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