Day 444 – Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14th 2017

Happy mother’s day!

I woke up, wished my mom happy mother’s day after she reminded me with a “what day is it today?” (I always forget upon waking up that it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday), then we went to church.

I was feeling unwell during the morning and I was supposed to be ushering today (ended up getting bothered by my nose throughout the day, probably allergies). I didn’t really want to do it, but I wanted to go to church anyway, especially because of mother’s day. I went, and well, it was a lot more fun than the first time, probably because it was my second time. I wished potential mothers happy mother’s day, handed out the bulletins and special cards to potential mothers, stayed at the back to assure all was good, picked up donations by following the pattern I didn’t know about, but guessed and was correct, then stayed at the back until the end. At some point I waved to a baby and she waved back, which was really cute. Pastor also preached something that I really enjoy, it was basically along the lines of : “It is possible to believe the wrong thing. We will defend people’s right to believe in whatever they choose, even if we know they’re wrong. We can’t force our beliefs onto others. It’s their decision.” To us, non Christians are wrong in their belief, but it’s their decision to choose what they believe in, and we will defend that right.

At home I finished my mom’s birthday card and wrapped her gift, tried out a dress my mom got me, and it actually fits pretty well, then we went to a restaurant. We saw the family, talked a lot to my brother and cousin, and ate, although the food wasn’t that good. They were closing the next day for renovations as well, so that kinda explains it. 

We went to Chocolat Favoris (ice cream dipped in thick and rich chocolate place that have so many sizes; they have baby, mini, small, medium and probably large, but mini is basically medium, so you can imagine large), then we went home to watch Supernatural. (Spoilers) Finally got to see Castiel. Was wanting when he’d show up.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Oh shoot, didn’t mean to write happy birthday, but happy mother’s day haha. It’s not her birthday :p

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