God Has A Sense of Humor

I am really just fed up with life and everything that keeps going wrong! seriously. Think I am getting better and life is looking up and then something happens…ALWAYS!! My sister calls me yesterday bc she call a call from her daughter who was at my moms house and thank god she was. And thank god that my uncle lives in Maryville not to far from my mom. but let me start at the beginning. My mom has been having these panic attacks bc she lives alone…by her choice…she doesnt like to be alone. My sister lives in a 3 bedroom house and has 3 kids so all the rooms are taken with her, my aunt and uncle don’t have room for her, my grandma drives her crazy, they don’t get along.  So that leaves me…I live in a 2 bedroom house in KCMO, and my hubby and his brother live here BUT I told her to come live with me and we would put my bro in law in the living room…solution solved.  Well she don’t want to move up here which I don’t blame her bc I live in the MO FO ghetto.  So we were talking about putting her in assisted living, well she don’t want to do that.  So we pretty much out of options. Ok so I was at work yesterday and she was having a panic attack so my sister took my nieces there. OK so I tell her that I was going to either come up yesterday after work or today in the am so we can hang out and get her to the doctor and call state to see about getting her in home care because she is also been feeling dizzy  and hasn’t been walking to good. 2 weeks ago my hubby and me went up there and stayed and I get woken up to my niece saying my mom needs me so I get up and go to her bathroom thinking she wanted shower or wipe her or something…nope she is on the floor and cannot get up. So I got home from work yesterday and my hubby and me were going to go eat, send money to his family, and pay the car.  I had decided I was going to go up today in the am. As we was going to leave my sister calls and says that my mom has fallen and my nieces say she thinks her leg is broken bc my mom heard a crack.  So my uncle there thank god when I call him and she is being loaded into ambulance.  Well its broken in 2 places and my mom has requested to be moved to St Joe, MO because Maryville hospital is a joke-bunch of idiots that must of bought there licenses on ebay.  So we still go up to Maryville to get my mom some clothes and stuff to take to her at hospital.  We get there and she in not very coherent at all! Her O2 stat keeps going to 79% and back up and I mention it to the doctor…he says that if she moves her finger with that connected it can be the cause of it.  So she finally gets a room and we stay for about another half hour and come home.  Get a call from them saying that Maryville hospital has overdosed my mom on pain meds and they have to put a CPAP on her to help her breathe and they put her in another room.  Ok I am mad by this point but finally fall asleep around 1 am.  Go to the hospital today and go up to the room they say she was in and some woman is in there that I have never met before in my life…so I leave and go back downstairs and ask the person at front desk where my mom is.  SHE IS IN ICU!!!!!!   They didn’t call my sister or me to let us know, but they had to put her on a drip that they couldn’t do upstairs and because her Carbon Dioxide lever was in the 140s-supposed to be in the 40s!!!  So I’m yelling at the people asking why nobody called to let us know she was moved!  So after I get done yelling at them and then apologizing they point to where my mom is!  This is the reason I said god must have a sense of humor…a cruel and horrible sense of humor.  If you have read my posts before you will know that my dad died in ICU in St Joe about 2 and half months ago…well my mom is in the EXACT SAME ROOM MY DAD PASSED AWAY IN!! So on top of everything that happens and so I’m panicking and stressed and when I do that I start making jokes and start talking a lot…which I did lol.  Thank god my uncle and sister came up.  She went into surgery and got a rod in her leg.  They are keeping her sedated rest of today and tonight and hopefully take the breathing tube out of her throat.  So nurse told me and my sister to be quiet and that we couldn’t stay long bc she needed her rest…so what did I do???? Burst out laughing and woke my mom up…nurse and sister looked at me like I lost my mind. So told my mom bye and that I love her.  My uncle and me are going go see her in the am, my sister will go after gets off work.  I already called in to work for tomorrow and will prolly call in Wednesday depending on how she is.  Hopefully she gets out of ICU and into a regular room soon.  If she does I will probably end up staying with her.  I am so stressed and upset and wish this crap would happen to me and not my mom or my other family members, they don’t deserve this.

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