Life is good

Well, Goodnight Journal community, it’s been a while. I’ve had a great past few weeks and it’s been amazing. 

Since my last entry, I went to junior prom, sang in a singing competition, finished my college semester with good grades, went on tour with my youth chorus to Atlanta, and found some amazing friends. Or, well, they found me. My best friend and her boyfriend (which should make everything awkward, but it doesn’t) are two of my favorite people on the planet. With one of my closest friends walking out of my life, having the two of them has made me so happy. It doesn’t sound like a lot has gone on- but it has. I’ve learned how blessed I really am and that I should never take life for granted. God is good– and life is good. Like I’m seeing the light at the end of a tunnel that seemed to go on forever, things are finally looking up. 

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  1. Praise to Jesus! I am so happy for you! God bless your heart and your life always.

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