Welcome to the country
of mixed messages
As all you can see,
we’ve been this way for ages
Nothing’s really free
Put your tongues in cages
It’s like them telling you
that you need to lose weight
while all they do
is give you more cakes
They even pretend to have no clue
that your courtesy is sometimes fake
You’re here,
yet abandoned
What’s crystal-clear
is you feeling undone
As long as you’re so dear
your civil rights will never be taken
Yes, you can just be yourself
as long as you do what they say
Leave your personal idealism in the back shelf
Be a good citizen and obey
You should feel enough with what you have
Just do things their way
So, welcome to the country
of mixed feelings
Enjoy your stay
perhaps for ages
Don’t worry too much
not even about the future
Let them trample on your personal business a lot
That, you have to endure
What else is the good thing?
Oh, no need to think
Be the puppet on their strings
(For anyone feeling repressed around the world)

3 thoughts on ““MIXED MESSAGES””

  1. I have felt like a puppet on strings when I was young and living at home. They expect us to be happy and obedient all the time. I had anxiety disorder and couldn’t be happy all the time, though I tried. I like your poem. It’s good.

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