Sunday night thinking about life

Sunday night at 11 PM in my living room. It feels like it’s been a long time that I actually seat down for writing journal on Sunday night. I have been too busy to work on my side project for past 4 months and haven’t really got a time to think about life that much.

Well, I still don’t know there’s still no answer to my life. One thing I know is that I know what I want for now and doing my best to make that happen. Two things I have been thinking the most lately are the happiness and freedom. They are definitely related in a way but feels like two different things that I want at the moment of my life. How am I going to get them? not sure… Maybe just do things that I like to do? Not sure now but I know I want to be happy for rest of my life and that is what I suppose to pursue.

My life has been pretty good. There are some challenges that keeps me out of boredom and stable financial resource that allow me to do lots of things I like to do. Maybe I’m living in a dream that many people dreaming about but I don’t know something is missing and not sure what is it. Have you ever felt like this?

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