20 random facts about myself

Prompt #9:

  1. I’m a lefty
  2. I hate the look and feel of wet paper, so no paper towels for me
  3. I think birds are malicious and want to eat my soul
  4. I love to eat Doritos with cottage cheese
  5. I sing VERY loudly in my car
  6. I love men with British/Scottish accents
  7. Band-Aids are super gross
  8. I love to read books, but they need to be a little smutty or swoony or forget it.
  9. I have 1 real friend who knows what I really think about things
  10. I can’t sit still at home long enough to watch a movie
  11. I’m an over-eater
  12. I think intelligence is sexy
  13. The first thing I notice about a man is his height
  14. I love to learn people’s full names and the meanings behind them
  15. I’m smart
  16. Reading is my favorite thing ever
  17. I seriously look forward to work every morning for my 1st cup of coffee
  18. I’ve always been boy crazy. It’s bad, folks
  19. I wish I had blue eyes
  20. I have endometriosis

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