[10] Ramble

Life is good I cannot complain.  I get to take the break I really needed… and deserved.  I feel very human and not a robot anymore.  Hallelujah thank you God!

There’s still stress but it’s diminished by a lot.  I’m able to relax and do what I want and need to do, instead of being told what to do and how to do it.  It’s amazing how much emotions influence a person I know duh but still.  I’m beginning to see how things can be in front of you but you don’t see it (or don’t get it) until you’re able to look at it from a different view point.

Got a hold of WC Fields it was so nice to get in touch again.  Thank you for always being there and for never judging me.  Ever.  I love you.  You’ve come so far I’m happy things are good right now.  I need to send a gift this month.  One day I swear I’ll fly over and visit.  I want to see your house and meet your new other half!  You’ve come so far what? 13 years from then to now wow.  Humungoid Gratz WLC!

My tablet has a couple downloaded movies I’m looking for more.  Maybe throw one genre of each on there.  Got sci-fiction, anime, fantasy I will need maybe mystery, love story, action, documentary, tv, music(al).

Relax.  Don’t do it. 

Almost time to go out.  You are fine to go for a long long long time.  Let it cleanse your body and your thoughts and your mind.

Yeah I totally understand how there’s a lot to do and not enough time.  But if I could do most of the things I set my mind to, then all is accomplished and I need to feel fulfilled.  It’s all done.  I have succeeded.  I feel complete.  Another day to rejoice living.  Appreciate.  Go out and see things.  Add more facets to yourself.  Enter another chapter of your life.  Don’t feel despair.  Stop pushing and just let go.  Do nothing instead of always doing and doing and doing.

Hey my sinuses are perfect this morning.  No stuffiness, no mucus, just clear airways in my nose.  I took no meds it automatically was just clear.  It’s time!!

Have an AWESOME Day! =)

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