Day 445 – Stayed home

Monday, May 15th 2017

Today I stayed home cause of allergies. Usually once a year, they get really bad to the point if I looked down at some papers at school all day, they would be covered in snot and tears. My nose was really runny the day before, and this morning as well, so I expected for them to get as bad as I mentioned before, but they actually weren’t that bad and I could’ve went to school. Oh well, I took that time to be productive, except I did forget to continue on Megg’s and I book, and also answer WindSailor’s email. Well, I’m done the sociology paper, so if I remember (I forget easily), I can finish translating and send that over for now. But other than that, I spent most of my time concentrating on art. I was developing my character drawing style while sniffling from a runny nose and I would get fustrated now and then, so I would take some breaks to work on my English presentation slide, finish Macbeth (since they surely finished reading; by the way, the ending was kinda anti-clamactic, but I guess that’s cause I knew that, spoilers, Macbeth would die, but overall it was good), work on the sociology paper or play a bit of Rocket League. I finally managed to end up with something I really like, which was inspired by greywick. I was giving them credit when showing it to my friends, since I thought I basically copied it, but art styles don’t always work that way, and it ended up looking pretty different. I realised that’s cause I did a few things my own way without even realising at some points. So I might finally have a style, but often times I drop it, so I’m hoping I can keep hold of this one and develop it. I really liked how the body turned out especially. I would show it, but I didn’t sign it yet, so next entry if I remember.

I watched a Supernatural episode and now I’m going to bed. Let’s hope my nose doesn’t keep me up too late.

That’s all for today.

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