Do You smile at Strangers

Prompt number 7:

When it comes to smiling at strangers I have found that as a woman you have to be very careful. I typically will smile at women if they look me in the eye. Otherwise, it’s clear they are busy or just want to be left alone. I know this because I avoid eye contact if I’m just trying to do my thing or don’t have the time/inclination to invite interaction. Men are a whole other ballgame. I will smile at little boys, we are talking toddlers and elderly men…nothing under what might appear 70. Anything between those ages and you just never know what you are going to get in return. Older men feel entitled to your person or want to stop and talk for forever and younger men are a complete gamble that I’m not willing to take. This is all if I’m alone. If I’m with a group of ladies, I’m less inhibited because safety in numbers, yo. Most men are less likely to behave in an ugly or inappropriate way if there are a group of women there. If I’m with my children, I smile at other moms or old ladies….and that’s it.  If I’m with a man, it doesn’t matter because men don’t make eye contact with me. Honestly, men don’t make eye contact with me anyway. I don’t really know why that is.


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