Random thoughts

I had a thought and I want to remember it if I ever back slide again into over thinking… there are never really as many problems as you can create in your own head. Leave my over thinking to work related things only (and only because it serves my work well to over think every detail).

And speaking of work, as my calendar starts filling to the point of starting my waiting list, I need to make sure and take advantage of the last few couple of weeks I have left to not work on the weekends. Need to come up with something to do… 

And speaking of something to do, I’ve decided since I love to dance and never get to any more, I’ll try and take a few minutes every day and dance.  If nothing else, it’s good exercise and it makes me happy. I’ll need to add some more dance music to my play list.

And speaking of lists, time to get back to crossing off today’s tasks.


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