Stop Ode of Caves For Pete’s sake!

I’ve been workin’ on this post for a long time and all I wrote is crap; ’cause when people say “Germany is over China” or “text is nothing but a translation of a translation of a translation”, you go mad but you don’t argue with them. Unless you’re already poisoned by the same feng: O philosophy! You father-motherless snake!
So, I decided to itemize my objections and act like I don’t care that I googled “social media” and all I saw was photos of innocent people boilin’ in colorful pots of cellphone-acid, lonely and helpless.
This is my final way to say I don’t give a damn that I heard “down with internet!” in an academic place in 2017. Or that I have to justify mere merits of technology on an online blog to be seen ad hoc and not on sheep skin to be delivered to my dear reader over the next 6 months or sth.
Like it or not, here’s the deal:

1. If “X” is not into his family, doesn’t answer his mom’s calls, or sent his dad to a care facility, it’s not modernity’s fault. He would do the same, or even worse to his grand grand grandparents in Civil war.

2. If “X” can’t write a proper essay, is too lazy to read a few strong pdfs, or too idiot to search wisely, it’s not google’s fault. Take him back to the age of Newton, and instead of an illuminati, he ends up a false prophet gathering heaven’s money from his brainless fellows.

3. (It can goes forever, but to save you from it…) If “X” is an a-hole, he will be always an a-hole. Taking away his phone wouldn’t help a damn.

P.S.: can’t resist to tell you the story of a pedophile sheikh who heard of a wow shahed in a far city (samarkand or sth), fell in love with all those praises and marhabas about the boy’s baby face and hairless skin, and started his love trip with pain and passion.
Well, by the time he got there, our little boy grew mustache and other stuff, and our poor sheikh had to write volumes on infidelity of yar and find another noob to nail. See? He would love snapchat more than all of us all together!

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