Tuesday May 16th

Richard blocked me on Facebook. Unbelievable. What the hell does he have to be mad at me about? Ugh. What a freak. Whatever. I need to get over it and let it go. To hell with him. 

I am staying in New York. I am not moving back. I have decided that. I cannot leave it. I love it too much here. I will make the job work. I will somehow manage to get my certification and get my tenure and make it work. I cannot possibly go back now. I would be even more miserable than I was before after having a taste of life in a city. I belong here. I fit in here. Now, my goal is to find a rent stabilized apartment. There are a million of them, so I think I can find one. I just cannot get too anxious to move and miss the opportunity. I will patiently wait for just what I want- not take something else just because it’s offered to me. 

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