What is your love language?

Prompt #10:

I have 2 really. Mine are physical touch and words of affirmation. Nothing beats a well thought out, funny, sexy, and connected conversation. I’m not talking about constant flattery, although I won’t deny liking compliments, but I really just want to be able to speak freely in a fun and accepted way to my partner. To be on the same wavelength or at least not feel judged for how differently we think/believe. Stimulating conversation that makes me laugh or think is priceless to me. Just have fun talking to me. Laugh with me. That’s it. Seems simple, but I guess it’s harder to find than I thought.

The second is physical touch. If you don’t want to kiss me, hold me, or occasionally snuggle with me then just hit the road. If holding my hand sometimes makes you want to gag then beat feet. Nothing will make a person feel more worthless than knowing their partner doesn’t want anything to do with them unless they are going to get laid. If you can’t kiss me in the kitchen, then I’m not doing anything in the bedroom (or anywhere else) with you. I’ve learned from that mistake and I won’t ever settle for less again. Even if I have to be alone. At least I’m not being rejected.  Hard limit, right there.  


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