Day 446 – School and setting up

Tuesday, May 16th 2017

Today was fun.

I got to school, fangirled about comic con to Kohai and a close friend, then had psychology. It was a substitute, so I spent my time copying the notes I missed from Kohai’s notebook, then just browsed my phone.

In French we corrected, so that was boring.

At lunch I sat with a close friend and we talked, then another came along.

In art I continued painting the mural, talked to my art teacher about allergies, went to English, then got my grade back for my test on Lord of The Flies. It was decent, could’ve done better. We worked on our presentations afterwards, and I asked someone behind me “You’re in our group, right?” Of course she is Obs, she has been for basically a week. Ugh. Dunno why I asked that. Kinda awkwardly laughed after and just continued as if it never happened.

At home I played Rocket League, ate, then made a bunch of social medias for my YouTube account. Some already have the username I want, surprisingly, so I made different versions for those ones, but luckily it’s only for instagram (which I’m not gonna be using, just to reserve a name if I want to in the future), Twitch (shame, but oh well) and Snapchat (which I won’t be using much, just for communication with viewers). I have the user on Twitter and if I can get it on YouTube, then I’m good.

I watched a couple of Supernatural episodes and I’m suddenly becoming obsessed over Castiel, even if he wasn’t in those episodes.

That’s all for today.


7 thoughts on “Day 446 – School and setting up”

  1. Lol I can 100% get you your username on YouTube. I know what username it is. Will that be an alright birthday present? One condition though, you need to publish your first video on that account and only then I will get you your username.

    Also we need to publish the book by this weekend because your birthday is on Wednesday, we have to discuss pseudonyms, and I’ll also stream the book publishing process so we can view it happen real time.

    I’ll also email you a link to a book today on how to improve your skills and talents. I really recommend reading this book, it is a short read and you have a lot of potential in the world, just knowing exactly how your brain builds skill and knowledge will tremendously help you in your life.

  2. 100 subs takes effort, I have been uploading vids since last year and I only have 19 total subscribers. It is not like “TubeSimulator” where you put one video and it gets 999 views on the first day and you earn $1000. In real life most likely that video will get 0 views and $0 unless you share it with a network. That is just the reality of it.

    Every day you don’t make a video you miss out on valuable experience/practice, potential views, and potential subscribers.

    Make your first video Mercusius, and we’ll see your progress. Also np about the book. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, I genuinely want you to succeed, I’m just telling you how it is based on my 11+ years of YouTube experience, I uploaded my first video when I was 13 back in 2006 and since then I’ve gotten millions of views and been featured in school assemblies.

  3. Mm, but I like how you have to put effort into your videos to reach your goal. We are broadcasting to real people, anyway, and you have to listen to their demands while doing things you enjoy. How would you give me my user though? Are you gonna give me an account with 100 subs? Cause if that’s the case, then no thanks. That’s cheating and lying to the subscribers :p

    You don’t have to do a video every single day. Quality over quantity. YouTubers cannot stress any more about it, neither can I. I rather watch one good quality video every few weeks, than crappy ones every day.

    And yes, I know… Don’t have to repeat it. It’s fine to be proud about an achievement and talking about it for a while after it just happened or once with someone much later in the future, since they’ll remember it after you do, but repeating it over and over starts to sound a bit egotistical and then condescending when using it as support for advice. You can give advice and just say “Based on my experience, …” or tell someone once about it, and from then on things revolving around that subject, people will know of your experience and think about it when you mention the subject, but repeating it several times and pairing it with advice makes people not want to take you seriously :l Just saying :p

  4. Yeah I fully agree that it’s better to work for the 100 Subscribers to get the URL, so forget my offer.

    Hmm… Regarding Quality > Quantity, I will have to disagree with you there. The most successful YouTubers upload a minimum of one video a day, some upload multiple a day. The quality doesn’t have to be the best, it just has to be mediocre or slightly above mediocre. Check out PewDiePie as an example, or do a search for “Top 10 YouTubers”, check out their channels and they all have at least one video a day as a minimum.

    LOL regarding the last paragraph in my last post, it was a troll comment. I was not serious at all about sharing my achievements or anything, who really cares? They’re not that impressive. But, I was just trolling and laughing a bit internally while posting that. I wrote it in a certain YouTuber’s voice that likes to brag/yell a lot, who would constantly say things like: “I have 15 years experience blah blah blah”, which is really entertaining to watch, and I like imitating it a little.

  5. Well, for starters they’re already popular. It’s pretty easy to just do what you want at that point, but they’re still a pretty good quality if you ask me. They’re filled with interesting commentary if it’s gaming, and good humour, depending on what is your humour. If you told an animator to upload every day, you’re basically killing them. It’s easier for a gamer to upload several times a day, since it’s a shorter process, but for those who make skits, sketches, animations, short films, etc, they can’t do that. Better have a good quality animation or short film than a crappy animation or story. I’ve also seen a bunch of YouTubers tell viewers they’re uploading less so they can focus on quality, and it brought up their sub count, as well as made them more satisfied with their content.

    Well, to be honest, you have to work on that. I’d recommend adding a “lol” at least. And to add, I see your “oh I was just joking” as an excuse, because of that.

  6. Let me repeat what my friend said at some point :

    “Successful youtubers use youtube to get started, and then branch out more to create more. As long as you upload QUALITY content you dont need to overload your subs with video after video to stay interested. Theyll come back and stay loyal because they like it. Not just because its something to waste time with.”

    Examples of successful YouTubers who don’t upload every day :
    Philip DeFranco, used to upload once a week
    Dan and Phil, upload basically once a month, gaming channel once a week or so
    Cryaotic, spaces out uploads
    NigaHiga, spaces out uploads
    Epic rap battles, takes months to upload
    Fine Brothers, skip few days on occasion

    Do I need to say more? Two or more of them by the way we’re in the top ten you mentioned.

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