Journal Day 204 – First Day Back at Work!

Monday, May 15th 2017

Today was my first day back at work since around two weeks ago when I flew over to Europe for vacation. That vacation time seemed to last but a moment; it’s already over. Before going over to work though, there was an entire morning that occurred. My circadian rhythm was still six hours ahead due to me flying over from Europe, so I ended up accidentally passing out on the floor at around 9 PM last night (I usually use my laptop while lying on my stomach, and it’s a very easy position to accidentally fall asleep in).

I woke up at around 4 AM this morning, and since I didn’t go for a walk last night as planned, I stood up and changed clothes so I could walk for a few minutes. It felt great to be back. Finally home. There’s not many people walking around here compared to the capital cities that I visited recently, there were a ton of people walking around those places at all times.

Later on at around 9 AM, that’s when I got ready then headed out for work. I admit I didn’t want to go at first, because it would have been the same old ‘grind’ I was used to doing for over two years. However, I checked my bank account, and saw that my paycheck amount was finally changed, and I felt grateful to even have this opportunity to show up. I’m finally rolling in the dough, well not really, but I’m actually making living wages now which is great.

When I got into work I was greeted a few times by people saying: “Welcome back!” and so on. It was normal. When I sat at my computer and opened up my email, there was around 50+ new messages I had to read through, oh boy. Most of the emails weren’t directly for me thankfully, so I didn’t have to interact with a large number of them. Some of them were directed at me, and those were the ones I took care of.

I had my normal 10 AM meeting with Person from India, and Chip for these past two weeks has been taking over. I have a really good relationship and conversational mood with this person, but when I joined their phone call it was 100% business talk. We still got work done, I made sure of that, but yeah our meetings were lighter and more fun than with Chip. And when Chip took over, there wasn’t that much work to be assigned and discussed, so there wasn’t that much work to be given.

I sent out an email to my boss saying thank you for the raise and promotion finally. Finally. I’m so freaking glad. I planned out my budget and other things this morning and things completely blew past my old plan with my old paycheck. Yesterday I wrote about buying a Mac Mini, well today I ended up buying a Mac Mini comfortably. I wasn’t even worried. I needed a Mac Mini as a computer investment anyway, because I wanted to work on some apps again, and I wrote an entire complaint about Apple not letting me do that with my old 2008 Macbook Pro even though my mom still uses it today.

At work as well, I ended up winning a massage card that I forgot to pick up even the next day. I have a free massage on the company after spinning the anniversary wheel at the all hands event and it landing on the massage card. So at work, this is a new thing they started, but if you have an anniversary, you get to spin this wheel, and it has different prizes. I think massage was actually the best prize; some other ones were free lunch, free donation to charity of your choice, and some other ones. Massage is the best.

Then I went home, chilled out, and relaxed. I don’t even remember what I did at home. I just know that at around 9 PM, which is around 3 hours after I got back home, I passed out accidentally again. I think I browsed through YouTube and Reddit a few times before going to sleep. My complete bad. I need a checklist for things I need to do daily.


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