Never seem to catch a break.

This morning after work I think I might have slept maybe two hours until I got a call from my husbands aunt, saying his mother passed away. 
*Sigh* We knew it was coming and I knew it was going to happen sometime this week and Nathan was expecting it too, but he doesn’t really show his emotions. 
Just got up and went. Helped with transporting her out of the house to be put in the hearse and then we went to the funeral home quick to try get some things done, which it didn’t get all done since everyone except me and Nathan were upset and not really able to think, but he didn’t want to make any decisions until everyone was able to think clearly. 
Spent a good part of the day back at her house and tried to figure out what is going where or who is taking what. 
Found out that Nathan’s cousin is going to be moving into the house now that his mother died.  Well….she does own the house so whatever, it would just bother me for someone to move in so fast after someone died in the house. She’s going back to school and is going to live in the house instead of renting which is smart…but ugh.
So sometime this week Nathan is most likely going to be taking the trailer to town to pack up some of his moms things that he wanted and bring it to our house and then his aunt will take what she wants and I guess just leave the rest there for Sarah to do what she will.
It was just such a long day and we got home around 3pm and I couldn’t even lay down I was so tired but caught my second wind so I was awake… went to the store and made Nathan something to eat for when he woke up and his favorite cake to help make him feel better. At least he got some sleep….I just hope I get some when I get home in the morning… I might just drug myself and pass out until I have to go to work for a meeting.
I figured she was going to go soon. It usually goes in three’s. Two of my old coworkers died within days of each other and then my mother in law a week later. and the dog before them which hurts more than anyone else. 
well, I suppose I better get back to work…
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