tan x6.

Yesterday we went on the long-awaited Six Flags trip and we were gone for the whole day. I woke up at 5:30, got to school at 6:40, left on the bus at 7:15, got to the park at 10:40, and spent the whole day until 6:00 being oven-baked at Six Flags, and then got home at 11:20.

I only went on four rides (I know, I’m super lame) because I went on the New Texas Giant, then immediately went on the Titan (which is the fastest ride at Six Flags Over Texas) and then felt nauseous for a really long time. I felt woozy after the Giant, but that one was still really fun. The Titan made me sick, though. I definitely would have thrown up if I’d actually eaten anything. One of my friends actually did throw up, after she went on a fifth ride. My other friends were perfectly fine though… well, the three girls (S, JS, and A) were fine, but JW and MT and ML were NOT willing to go on any more rides, either. JJ (I know so many people whose names start with J) was also fine.

The rest of the day was just trudging about in the blazing sun, often waiting for my friends to go on the tall rides. The lines were very long, so they didn’t go on many more before it was time to leave. We almost got stuck on the carousel at the last minute….. it kept going round and round after we stayed on for a second trip (and JW and MT and JJ abandoned us!)

It was so fun, but I was too hyped and stupid to take any nice pictures. I’m regretting it now. But it was a great experience (not the three-hour bus ride because my butt is too bony to sit comfortably for long periods of time) and I had loads of fun while getting even tanner.

This is my last “normal” week of school. It’s terrifying. Where did junior year go?

Tests and stuff coming up. Standard school complaints.

My dad left for China today. The apartment feels so much bigger and quieter without him. He’ll come back in November or thereabouts.

It’s hot in Texas. It’s TOO HOT.

I have been sleepy this entire day.

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