Unwritten rules

As an escort the rules are simle to follow.  Men will ring me up to book an appointment.  They arrive at their schedule time, they pay me, they enjoy me then they leave at their schedule time.   It’s a business transaction both party’s have got what we wanted, I received money, they received pleasure.  

I don’t hear from them again, until they next want to book in.

In my personal life it becomes complicated there are so many unwritten rules.  The man will show great interest in me.  He will shower me with compliments and attention.  He will make me believe he enjoys my company.  He will remain persistent for a while but as soon as he has reached his untimate goal of getting me into bed.  He leaves.

No more attention, no interest of pursuing me.  Possibly the odd drunken message of bed time message when he is bored and lonely. 

I am always left feeling foolish for thinking it wasn’t just my body they were after.


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