Wednesday May 17th

My mother started her radiation treatments today. My brother or sister will not do anything to be of help. I am 700 miles away, and it’s still falling on me to deal with it. They are both right there in the same city. She is staying in a hotel because neither one of them will offer to let her stay with them. She even asked my sister if she could stay at her house and she flat out said no. I don’t understand how they can be that way. Their mother has cancer and they don’t seem to give a shit. I would love to post that on Facebook. My sister acts like she’s so fucking perfect with her perfect life. I would love to let all her snotty ass friends know what kind of person she really is. My mother has shit on me multiple times, but she has never done anything but worship my brother. And my sister treats her like shit over and over again and she just takes it and goes on. I am the one that’s been treated badly, but I am the only one that feels guilty that she’s going through this with no support. 

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