a bouquet of barbed wire

holy shit im tired as fuckkkkkkkkk. its 1 am and im fucking out of it. i only slept 3 hours and ive been up since 7 am. not complaining. its totally my fault for partying on a fucking tuesday night. and here i am typing this shit at 1 am instead of falling asleep lol. 

i finished all of my projects/assignments and ive turned everything in. im fucking done. all ive got to do now for the remainder of the week is studyyyy. 

ive been feeling like shit. my fucking cunt neighbor is currently getting her pussy pounded and shes fucking screaming in chinese or some thing.. and i probably wont get much sleep anyway. im not fucking prying, she’s literally fucking screaming. she’s a screamer lol. but she literally screams “[chinese phrases] . . . hardaaar! hardar!!! [chinese phrases] ohhhhhhhhhhuuuuu [unintelligble animal noises] auuuuuhhhooooohh” lol i fucking swear. my other dorm neighbors and i call her ‘the chinese terror’ lol. if you’ve ever fucked in a dorm, its easy to forget your surroundings, its easy to not give a fuck about them, and if you’re a screamer you might just say ‘fuck it’ and go all out, but at 1 in the fucking morning? lol. how did her bf even get in the hall? haha

if im cussing a lot its because im hyper AFFFFF! ashton and i were making out in my dorm and lets just say……… he has some thick skin and he’s very blessed. but we stopped when things started to elevate lol. we’re not even ‘together’ formally. so nothing should be taking place between us anywhere. we’re just dating, not in a relationship. 🙁 i was so tempted to tell him to sleep over, only sleep nothing else, but i knew that wasnt a good idea. but all i wanted was to sleep and cuddle and fall asleep in his arms. thats all i wanted really. we’ll see what tomorrow brings. 


chinese sex moans or not, im falling asleep typing this. good night journal. she’s getting a bouquet sent from me tomorrow for all her scream cums. lol im tiiiiiiiired. 

tomorrow i get to spend all day with ashton. 🙂 something to look forward to. 

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