A Letter to my Future Self

Dear Future Self,

I hope you are happy. Happiness is one of the most important things that there is to me. I also hope that you are in a good place, you’re successful, and that you’ve been able to obtain all that you’ve ever wanted. Today, as I sit in my English class watching some movie that won’t matter to me when this letter is read – not that it matters too much right now anyways – I think of what my future may be like. I hope that I go to college or university, that I graduate, and that I get a job that I love. I hope that my dreams have come true and that I might have started a successful youtube channel and that my channel has created more opportunities for me. Maybe none of this has happened, or maybe it all has. Life is such a beautiful yet terrifying thing. Even at 16, I know so much but I know so little. I really hope that your life is working out for you. I hope that you have everything you’ve dreamed of, I really do; but if for some reason that isn’t the case I hope that you remember this: you are loved, you are beautiful, you will be happy, you will be successful, you will get everything you want in life, just please do not forget to try. 

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