Day 039 – working hard to meet deadline

Today was fine.

Last night I struggle to fall asleep, due to this my energy level was low at office and work load made it more worse. work was it’s a productive day I was expecting more work to be done so I spend 2 hours extra to meet my daily goal. I was fun at lunch time a colleague was cracking good jokes.At team break one colleague cracked a joke on me and I was like ROFL, I asked him well play Sir 🙂
I did text chat with my best friend I know his  since i know me (when I was 3 years old) he is my next door neighbour, I asked him how’s his personal life going and told him see you on evening walk om this weekend, he said sure. It’s been a long time i have meet him we both are very busy in our life’s.

After office I was feeling tired and stressed, I went for a hair cut at barber shop after having hair cut i asked him to give me a head message after that i was feeling better than before.

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “Day 039 – working hard to meet deadline”

  1. That’s cool that you two knew each other for so long 😀 Hope you’re relieved of stress and regain energy soon! Make sure you get lots of rest ^-^

    And how dare you use “That’s all for today”! Just kidding, haha. I don’t mind at all 😛

  2. yeah weekend is almost there for resting all day 🙂

    And let me tell you one secret, Don’t tell anybody, I’m using (have stolen)
    title (Day xxx)
    introduction (today was xxx)
    // body (it’s mine)
    ending (that’s all for today)
    from your entries, haha :p

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