Day 17 & Day 18 – 30 Days of Beauty

No journal yesterday….was just too busy, too tired and too preoccupied, and that’s ok.   Yesterday was a good day despite the gloomy, cloudy weather. 

Today was a great day!  The sun was shining and there was no wind…..NO WIND!!  

Last summer I had a great tan, the darkest tan I’ve had in years.  It’s because I sat on my deck all summer doing nothing.  That tan didn’t really mean much to me because I was sad last summer; sick, scared and sad.  No one saw my tan because I saw no one.  I stayed home, hidden, wishing time away, feeling I would never be well or happy again.  

Today I sit on the same deck in the same sun, but feel so different.  Today I am happy, content, full of peace and glad to be alive.  So much has changed in a year.  I believed, at the time, I would never be happy again.  I don’t even think I wanted to be happy.  I was so afraid to even wake up in the mornings….happiness seemed a distant thought. 

Today, I am working at an amazing job that lets me work from home….from my deck….in the sun….getting a great tan. And this summer, everyone is going to see my tan.  Because I’m happy and healthy again and want my friends to be around me as much as possible. ❤️

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