Waiting Game.

Nothing can be more annoying than the agonizing feeling of waiting. Rather it be test results for a final to see if you passed a class…blood work to see if you have a disorder…or even waiting a few seconds for the yes or no to the big question. It’s…well…agonizing.

I am waiting on a letter to see if I have been picked for an interview for the Radiology program at my school. I am extremely nervous and just want it to come regardless if its a yes or no. Us applicants got word that the letters would be sent out this week, and that interviews will be conducted the week of May 22nd-26th.

Seeing that the week is almost over you can see why I am a bit of a nervous wreck. I have yet to receive the letter and interviews are coming up fast. My grades were excellent going into this thing. I did receive a low score on the entry exam. I foolishly took it right after a graveyard shift…I had no other choice of course but that experience has taught me to call off of work the previous day before a big exam. Especially one that is so important to my future. 

This letter will literally determine my next move as far as my goals go. I’m crossing every finger and toe…hell even my soul that I not only get the letter a big fat YES to getting into the program. I really need this. 

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