Why Me

I’ve asked myself this question so many times, but never found the right answer. I mean I know everyone goes through struggles in life, but there are times when you just feel like giving up. After all no one will really care, I mean if they didn’t care when I was alive why would they care when I’m dead and gone.  They say pain is a prison, it is. It’s as if your trapped in a cold, dark and lonely room with no were to go. You can’t escape the hurt and pain, you just have to deal with for the rest of the time your there, yes there might be someone in the room. But there not always someone there that will understand. 

My mother will once told me that she was proud of my, yet she doesn’t really know me that well. It hurts you know, not being able to talk or share things with your mother. You see those small children running around the park grounds calling out to their mothers, but when I turn around to look for my mother. Only to see that she’s no were to be found, sitting in my room, tears running down my face. Screaming into my pillowcase WHY WHY WHY…I have a picture in my room and it kills me, I don’t need a of my mum, I need the real thing.  A realationship is something 

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