1st meeting w/ the boys. |||| my friend is not your “””shawty.”””

Today after school, we had our first meeting as the engineering club. It was alright. I know four out of the seven leader dudes. It figures that I’m currently the only girl (although this will hopefully probably change once we actually recruit some people).

It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be. After it was over, our sponsor Mr. L patted my shoulder and said I was a “brave girl”, and told me that “boys are all stupid, my wife told me that” and “you just remind them that you’re the one in charge here”. It was really nice and funny of him to say that.


Today during lunch, my friend JS and I were sitting on the edge of a table near the door when these two rude kids just plopped down next to us. This one kid (that I know, that is a freshman, that recently had his anklet tracking device taken off but is still on probation) tried to fist bump JS, then me, then gave up. Then he just asked my friend “Hey! Where you from?” So she said, “Here.” He shouted back, “[name of our city]?!” And she said yeah. He said he knew it wasn’t true, so he was like, “Where are you REALLY from?” So she lied again and said “Houston.” He turned to me to ask if she was lying or not, but I said, “Nope, she’s really from Houston.” Then he asked me where I was from, and I lied (huge lie here) and said Austin. He said oh, then said, which part of Austin? And I didn’t answer. He stopped for a minute, then continued on to ask my friend how old she is. She said blandly, “Twelve.” And he was like, “What? Really?” And she was like, “Yeah.” He had this really stupid and confused look on his face, and he asked me how old I was, and I didn’t answer (because fuck you kid, asking me my age when you haven’t even introduced yourself). Then his friend said, “Nah, she can’t be twelve, she’s in high school…” They looked at my ID and said, “Well, she’s a junior, so she”–meaning my friend–“must be a junior too. Man, shawty, you ain’t twelve! You sixteen, seventeen.” And I was just thinking, did this random kid just call my friend shawty? I mean, what in the FUCK. So I told JS, “Hey, I just remembered I have to ask JW about the engineering meeting this afternoon. I forgot to ask this morning, I don’t know where the meeting is. I’ll have to ask.” So I stood up, and she grabbed her backpack and stood up with me, and we left, and I walked to JW’s table (which was conveniently next to a pillar that would block us from view) and sat down with JS. And that was that. The two gross-ass kids did look stupidly stunned when we got up.

Man, rude kids. I feel like JS is way too pretty and all of these lame dudes see her and want to try their luck with her, even though she is millions of light years out of their league. Like, dude, what do you think is going to happen if you just randomly start asking a girl questions and call her a freaking shawty? Honestly, what did you think we were going to do, just sit there and answer your stupid questions?

Who the hell even uses the word shawty in real life, anyway? That’s a question I still have. I thought it was strictly reserved for rap songs and pop songs where the singer wants to sound “real” or sound like he has some “street cred”.


I’m really happy today. Maybe tomorrow will change my feelings, but at least today, I’m pretty happy.

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  1. Anklet tracker? Yeah, no, I wouldn’t want to be near that guy either, not with that attitude too. You were right to get out of there when you could.

    Glad that you’re happy though!

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