Been awhile

Hey! Not writing is a good sign. It means I haven’t had anything to bitch about.

My mom had a real sour taste for King Doody. I explained to her that it is nature to vent. You share really good news or vent about how miserable things are, not mundane inbetween life. Do you want to hear that? No. It’s not interesting.

Back to mom. Her and King (mostly King holding grudges till the day he dies) have not been in the same room in 9 years. My offspring invited Nona (my mom) out for Easter. Grandpa Papa just retired so road trip it is! Now, when we go visit, the kids and I stay at my parents. We, however, have a very modest house. 3 beds 2 bath, 5 people, nothing fancy.’s also chaotic. 3 boys can be a chore at times. My mom knows that King would rather shave his balls with a cheese grater than be in the same zip code as her. I told him it was time to suck it up and put his big boy panties on. I asked if they could have one of the kids rooms. Oh lord, you would have thought I asked if I could slowly tap splinters under his nails. He did the next best thing and bought a 5th wheel for them to stay in. So now we have a guest house.

My mom is the type who will go about life as if nothing happened. King was crawling in his skin when she would talk to him…and she can talk! Over time, he loosened up. 

When my parents got back home my mom would tell me every day for well over a week how impressed she is with what an amazing dad he is. How well we interact with eachother even though I am constantly plotting his murder. My dad thought we were some sort of comedy team. Things went really well. He didn’t even cringe when my mom told him they plan on making this an anual deal. 

I am proud of everyone for growing up!

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