Day 19 – 30 Days of Beauty

                                            Sheila’s takes over the man cave!  

Its still too chilly to leave little baby plants outside overnight, so I lovingly put them all in the man cave to keep them safe.  And Kampman was pretty cool about it.  I expected him to get a bit ranty having all the girly flowers scattered in his space, but he didn’t.  He actually even helped me a bit when I needed it. 

All the flowers and plants came from a crazy fun day of shopping with Jenna. What I expected would be a couple of hours in the greenhouses turned into an all day event; complete with lunch, coffee, a turn that took us in the wrong direction and fits of giggles as we found our way back to the city via the country roads. 

Exhausted, dirty and filled with great memories of the day; the beauty of life, family and a season of new color  🌺🌼🌸  fills my heart and soul tonight. 

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