Day 448 – An end, conformity and brainstorming

Thursday, May 18th 2017

So I’m gonna explain vaguely what happened yesterday with that weird cryptic entry. Basically, I ended my friendship with someone, since I didn’t think it was a healthy one. Luckily it ended peacefully and understandably, which I’m thankful for. There were just parts of the person that I was too naïve to see at first. It sucks, since I still like the person, but then again, there’s part of them I really think, to be put simply, are rude.

Anyway, today was good. I started off with art and there was a substitute, but I continued on the mural as usual.

In English we did Macbeth questions and talked about the essay we’re gonna write. The thesis I picked is how ambition led Macbeth to his downfall, and I can only refer to the book. Also, weird, cause I just had a déjà-vu moment when writing that last phrase.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and we decided to do something this weekend, since one of them wanted to go out and do something fun in hopes of shaking off a bit of school and how much we’re done with it. We also rated a teacher on It wasn’t a good rating, haha.

In psychology we continued taking notes and we had a lot of laughter. We talked about conformity and then our teacher went around asking girls from a selection of North Korean haircuts (since they only have the choice of a select few), which we would pick. Number 5 and 15 seemed to be the most common, since 5 was just straight, length to the shoulders hair, and the other longer, wavy hair. Everything else looked like 80s-90s haircuts, and than the one my mom has, which is short to neck, curl inwards hair. It was funny though, since often he’d pick up a pair of scissors at some points and be like “Oh, this person chose this number! It’ll be my first time cutting hair, but you’ll help me practice.” Then we talked a bit about freedom of speech, since over there you wouldn’t be able to joke about it.

In French we finished correcting and then did some more work. The test was moved to Tuesday, so more time to study!

At home I played Rocket League, ate, played more Rocket League and then got off cause of the storm (the sky was yellow too; looked like the apocalypse). I watched a Supernatural episode, and it was funny, since Dean was scared of everything and screamed like a girl, which is not how he usually is at all, haha. It feels weird though, since I feel like I should be working on the book, but we cancelled it. Oh well, it was a good experience. I have another book to work on anyway, this time a work of fiction, but based from real events. Still only brainstorming. It might be a short story, but if I do somehow pass 100 pages, a novella.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 448 – An end, conformity and brainstorming”

  1. Hmm. It’s good that the relationship ended peacefully, that’s something to be grateful for. Not everyone can get along with everyone, so it’ll happen sometimes.

    It’s so cool that you’re working on so many books. It’s also cool that your book might become a novella, just because a “novella” sounds more delicate and lovely than a “novel” xD

  2. Haha, you responded quickly !

    It does, haha. I do want to make it as long and elaborate as possible, so I hope it turns into a novella c: I doubt it’d go up to 200+ pages though and be qualified as a novel :p Novella is good with me though.

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