There’s no amnesty granted
unless well-paid
Reach deeply into your pockets
until perhaps, 
their eyeballs jump out of their sockets
There’s no bravery
when it comes to being a bully
scaring others as you’d be
You may look tough
but without the mob,
you’re so tiny
There’s no curse
without anyone making it worse
pointing fingers
reciting prayers
in hopes for the enemies to suffer
countless times and more
There’s no denying
of what’s been sinking
a bad blood over arguments
as each is dying to win
Is it everlasting?
What are we thinking?
Is this another sign of a dying dream,
a vivid reminder of what’s not permanent?
There’s no real friendship
not in politics
only a few promises to keep
and many lies that make you tick
Some good people keep quiet
just to avoid causing more riot
Can you blame them for playing safe?
Still, they end to feeling helpless
Use the heart
and they call you weak
and bloody sensitive
Use the brain
and you’re calculative
but rather cold with a mean streak
Now what?
There’s no true love
No, never in politics
What you give is never enough
What you receive may get you sick
In politics,
everything’s flexible
Nothing’s permanent
Question everything.
(Jakarta, 12/5/2017 – 9:00 am)

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