A lady’s love

First journal as a grown lady. Never had an idea of doing such, during my schools day and even in college everything seems perfectly well-prepared by parents. I had no problem to get anything since my parents are gems and lovely. When we meet a guy with some qualities as our parents, what will we do? Yes. I did the same, be his friend then eventually fall for him. Love, undefined word. Each of us have different perceptions on defining it. As for me, love should be unconditionally. Go crazy to see the little smile on the person’s face. Mind full of his thoughts, lip might without lipsticks but smile always there, only view I was desperate to see is his face. A real women’s love is always pure even days turn to years. In any circumstance even hectic work load, at the end of day I wanna be at his side and hold his hand. I didn’t receive a diamond but the excitement and joy was there when he gave flowers and chocolates. Keeping his name in everyday prayers. O Lord in heaven, please kindly bless him, with Your mercy we wanna grow old together Dear God……. 

Life is full of surprises. Everyone have to go through, so will I be exceptional??? 



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