I just got off the phone with a dear friend I’ve known about 40 years, but we had lost touch.  She told me some things that shocked me.  When she was four her brother took her out in the woods where there were some other boys and they raped her.  This beautiful Christian woman has finally found healing and even forgiveness.  I’m grateful.  I’m glad I can write it here, because I don’t want to tell even my husband, he might know who I’m talking about.  She has been through so much else, also.  She will be as a bright angel in beautiful robes in Heaven.  I know it. God, bless her in an extra special way for the rest of her life, she has suffered so much in the past.  Please make her “Latter years better than the former.”  In Jesus’ Name. Do so for me also, please Lord.  I still need some healing.  What you have done already is so wonderful and I am blessed, and grateful.  What people have to endure in this world!  Bless my Goodnight Journal friends, too.  Some of them are suffering very difficult things right now.  Let your light flow over them and heal their hearts and bodies and minds.  Protect and bless them day by day.  AMEN.

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