9 years of stupidity and still counting

I have surrendered to my fate that you were the one whom I could never have but still my greediness kept on overtaking

When you uttered the words that there were never an us, God knows how much pain i had suffered from hearing such sentence from you.

You’re not a bad guy i know. Everyone knows how nice and what a wonderful man you are.

Even at the beginning you told me how you felt about me

It is just me and my imagination that kept me believing that one day, you would come around and say that hey you love me too.

Somewhere, Somehow, I don’t know if it is plain obsession or insanity. But as the time gets longer, the harder it became to part with the person whom you gave all your heart too.

I had liked alot of men, yet you were the only one whom I had loved wholeheartedly.

the 17-year old me when i met you were so innocent that it had no idea that you would be an impact on my life

now, 9 years had passed and here i am sitting in front of my workplace’s computer typing a letter that i will never let you read. the 26 yr old me just couldn’t bear the shame of repeating histories, arguments that had revolved on one thing and that is I am just a beloved friend that could never have the person she wanted the most.

funny isn’t it? Clearly, you’re not handsome and i had met alot of better guys who had treated me far better than you, yet for some unknown reason, I was so intoxicated to you that i still prefer you over the guys who could have given me title that i never had with you.


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