Day 449 – Essays, debate and games

Friday, May 19th 2017

Today was okay. I actually tied up my hair, something I didn’t think I could do, since it’s short. I think it grew a little, that’s why.

I started with English and we worked on our essay, but I had a block in ideas.

In art I accidentally dropped blue paint on my new converse shoes. Luckily it isn’t too noticeable.

At lunch I sat with my two close friends as usual, then I went off to French. Our teacher decided to go through how to write an essay, even when we told her we have wrote many, many before. The document she gave us is useful, but she didn’t have to explain it to us. And a friend pointed out that maybe it’s because she wants us to write essays her way, but all she would have to say is “You can use the internet as long as it isn’t plagiarism of course, and I want 3 arguments, not 2.” Ugh, all of us were bored out of our mind.

I finished with sociology, which was more interesting. We watched a video about a comedian joking about disabled people. I found it funny at some points, but serious at others. The debate was that if we should censor things like these or not. Most said it wasn’t his place to joke about disabled people, some said that it depends on who he is, if he has a disabled brother or friend, some that he didn’t need to go as far as to imitate a disabled person, and others said it’s fine, since it wasn’t meant to attack them; it brought up the points about how our society treats disabled people and how bad it is, but doing it with humour. I agreed with the last one. I think it’s fine as long as you’re not attacking and bringing your jokes too far, plus it raised some good points. Although, a disclaimer I believe is what we need, instead of completely censoring something out. The guy also got the approval of a really close friend of his who is disabled and even helped him write the skit, as well as the people in the audience that were disabled enjoyed it. If they are cool with it, then so am I.

At home I played a bit of Hitman and Rocket League, ate, sent notes to Kohai for what she missed, played Rocket League some more, a bit of Pixelmon, watched Emperor’s New Groove (movie night with the server) and then Supernatural.

That’s all for today.

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