Friday night poop

It’s been officially two weeks since I’ve been out.  Normally on the weekends and Friday night I would have spent with my ex but since he’s no longer in the picture I have to dredge up new things to entertain me.  I might possibly go out with Anthony tonight but he did cancel on me twice already so what’s another time?  Anthony is a guy I met at a club who is one of those “too good looking” guys.  Plus he’s not my usual type but he’s so charming and good looking that I can’t help but like him.  At this point I don’t care who I go out with, I just need to get out.  I just don’t want him to text me at like 12 and be like “hey come out now!”  I used to not care and go out at whatever time but now that I’m older I really do have a curfew.  Unless I’m already out I get tired waiting around.  Anyways, I’ll update tomorrow on that whole situation.  I’ve had two days in a row off now and it actually makes me miss work because at least I had something to do.  Now my days consist of going to the gym, sleeping, and watching tv for hours and hours.  I mean I enjoy watching tv but it’s gotten to the point where I just have too much time on my hands and not enough things to do.  I hope this isn’t what my new single life is going to be like cause this is some bullshit. 

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