Help Me Please

This world is so fake. I wish I would just leave one day. I don’t know where, but just leave. It is so suffocating here to be following those rules of life. Everything seems so fake. People pass on racist comments, they talk behind other’s backs, they backstab each other, they compare someone to another, they judge others, they make fun of someone without really knowing him. Why are people so bad? So fake, so heartless? We are all living in a disgusting world and I don’t wanna be part of it. I wanna go away, i’d rather die. I can’t bear it to see people acting like that… They care only about themselves and nothing else. They are so selfish. It disgusts me. Those people are even worst than criminals. Animals are way much better than humans. At least they do not judge others. Yes they love, they fight, but they do not judge. Let me know your opinions about what I wrote in the comments. Thank you! <3

2 thoughts on “Help Me Please”

  1. I don’t usually write comments but this topic hits pretty close to home. From someone who used to be exactly the type of person you are complaining about here, I think we just do it for acceptance. The everlasting need to be accepted by people and to have them like you is something that i think we all struggle with some days, and although we might know it’s wrong we just push away any empathy or emotion we feel about the subject. It starts with something a friend finds weird about someone, and then that person becomes an object as you blow all their shortcomings completely out of proportion and demonise them for your own amusement. I’ts horrible and wrong, but I at least find some comfort in knowing that we don’t do these things because we just naturally hate, we do them because a common enemy brings us together and strengthens our bonds, because in the end we all just want to belong somewere. I hope this was at least an interesting perspective to hear from.

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