My Prom Miracle

Just as we were getting ready for Prom, I was getting on my assigned bus and off we went to have fun then, when we got there it looked amazing and everything but it was the food that ruined the night of our prom and now knowing to never let our children go there in the future and so on. Then 4 songs later I got my Miracle I ever wanted to experience, my favorite song had to be played and it did play “Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts” and that was when the miracle happened I said to my Friend “Goldie Locks”  and my awesome slow dance partner [Ally Michelle Kokitka] and that’s when I learned she never knew how to slow dance with someone , So I grabbed her arms and put them on my shoulders and told her “Now this is more like it” I also got to sernade her with the slow dance song of the night and I felt love trying to help me win her heart and afterward I felt happy plus also heartbroken at the same time but it was cause of her weird boyfriend who couldn’t take the heat of prom so he left her and I got to party with her at post prom and that’s how I got my Prom slow dance Miracle with the girl of my dreams that I always wanted in my life and I Hope she will always remember us slow dancing together at prom even through the bearing heat of no air conditioning.

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